​​SWR Offroad Event Dates & Daily Agenda

NOTE:  Minor change in policy regarding Sunday 1/2 day run.  You must notify Jack prior to coming out for Sunday, as we cannot guarantee Guides will be available...2 or more rigs may run SWR without guides if familiar with ranch.

​TIP:  We drive 4 miles on ranch roads from ORC to SWR.  Get ready to hit the trails by airing down, disconnecting, etc. BEFORE the Driver's Meeting.  It will also make the ride to SWR more enjoyable...

Last one out, please MAKE CERTAIN ALL HIGH gates ARE CLOSED, and other gates as you found them!

8:00 AM - Registration for new arrivals - Sign Waiver - Pay SWR Offroad Access Fee (You MUST have registration tag to enter SWR!)

8:15 AM - Driver's Meeting at Oxford Ranch Campground

8:30 AM - Departure from Oxford to SWR Offroad 

9:00 AM - Arrive at SWR Offroad -  Regroup and hit the trails!

     LUNCH is on the Trail  (bring your own)

You must be off SWR by

NOON on Sunday.

Have a safe trip home!

          SWR Offroad

SWR Event Dates



January 27 & 28

February 24 & 25

March 9 & 10

April 20 & 21

May 18 & 19

June 15 & 16

7:30 AM - Registration at Oxford Ranch - Sign Waiver - Pay SWR Offroad Access Fee - (You MUST have a registration tag to enter SWR!) 


8:30 AM - Driver's Meeting at Oxford Ranch Campground


8:45 AM - Departure from Oxford to SWR Offroad


9:15 AM - Arrive at SWR Offroad - Regroup and hit the trails!

  LUNCH is on the Trail (bring your own)

        You must be off SWR by

6 p.m.  (No night wheeling...) 

Enjoy an evening at the 
Oxford Ranch Campground!