BASIC RULES:  Failure to comply with these Basic Rules can result in immediate removal from the RANCH.

Please Respect the Property:  Stillwaters Ranch (SWR) owners have been generous in allowing us to wheel on their property.  Please do not do anything that will jeopardize our access to SWR.

Ranch Gates:  Please close gates that were closed when you came to them (and/or make sure the last GUEST in your Trail Group does).  Remember, ALL HIGH GATES are ALWAYS CLOSED, regardless of how you found them!

ORC Departure:  Everyone will leave in designated groups from Oxford Ranch Campground (ORC) each morning.  Once on SWR, groups of 2 or more are welcome to wheel on their own if desired, or they can stay with their designated Trail Leader.  Please inform your Trail Leader before breaking off from a group.

No Latecomers:  ORC/SWR Gates will be closed once everyone hits the trail.  No exceptions.

Dogs or Pets:  No Dogs or Pets are allowed on STILLWATERS RANCH - Sorry, but No Exceptions!.  They ARE allowed on ORC...please plan accordingly!

Seat Belts:  Seat Belts MUST be worn by all occupants at all times on ORC & SWR.

Noise:  All vehicles must have mufflers....No open exhaust.

Respect Other’s Belongings & Property: Please avoid HUNTER’S equipment, camps, blinds & feeders completely.  If you come to a blind or feeder, turn around or go a different way!

No Night Wheeling:  All GUESTS must be off of SWR by 6 PM on Saturday and 2 PM on Sunday.

No Alcohol on the Trails:  This is a ZERO TOLERANCE rule, and is reason for immediate expulsion from SWR.

Pick Up ALL Trash on SWR:  Please leave SWR (& ORC) cleaner than you found it.  Bring a trash bag for the trail and appropriate clean up materials required for any trail repairs.

Be Alert to Fire Dangers:  Please be aware of current fire bans/conditions in Llano County.  Dispose of cigarettes properly (pack butts out with you) and be careful of parking in tall grass, especially in the summer.

Stay on Designated Trails:  Please “Tread Lightly” on SWR.  Respect foliage & wildlife.   

Be Aware of Others: SWR promotes a family friendly atmosphere and is open to all makes and levels of OHVs/4X4s.  Please respect other GUESTS, their vehicles, and their property.

Ranch Rules

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